Hamburger Eyes Art Show at the SFZF 2011!

2011 marks the tenth anniversary of one of the most vibrant and influential publications of the last decade, the monumental photo-journal Hamburger Eyes. The loosely-organized Hamburger Eyes collective has been a major force in our contempary culture, simultaneously documenting and influencing the fashion, journalism, art, and music of the first decade of the 21st Century.

The SF Zine Fest is proud to present a free-wheeling, wide-ranging, and certainly non-exhaustive look at this Bay Area collective's impressive body of work. From early work from the archives to their new "Eyeland Editions," this exclusive, two-day showing is a must-visit for fans and a great way for new viewers to get to know Hamburger Eyes. And don't miss the Q + A with Ray Potes and other members of Hamburger Eyes on Saturday at 2:30pm!

SFZF 2011 Workshops + Panels Schedule

Just like always, we've got an awesome assortment of panels, programs, and hands-on workshops for all of our attendeesand exhibitors this weekend! Swing by our Workshops + Panels Room for Q + A's with our Special Guests Hamburger Eyes and Lark Pien, learn how to stitch a booklet or screenprint on a t-shirt, watch movies about biking, gain insights into the lives and work of your favorite indie-cartoonists, and much more! All for free! For a full schedule with descriptions, head over to our Workshops + Panels page!


Bookbinding: Basics and Beyond | 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Special Guest Spotlight: 10 Years of Hamburger Eyes | 2:30pm - 3:20pm

Rambling Road Show: Bike Culture | 3:30pm - 4:20pm

Memoir Comics: Life In Ink | 4:00pm - 4:50pm


Intro to Screenprinting | 12:30pm - 1:30pm

Special Guest Spotlight: Lark Pien | 2:00pm - 2:50pm

Graphic Journos in Conversation | 3:00pm - 3:50pm

Making Time: An Artistsʼ Forum | 4:00pm - 4:50pm

Danielle de Picciotto Reading + Musical Performance

This Wednesday, Needles & Pens will be hosting Danielle de Picciotto as she reads selections from her Berlin memoir, "The Beauty of Transgression" while her husband, Alexander Hacke of the legendary German Band Einsturzende Neubauten creates live electronic soundscapes. Yes! Sounds fun! Also: SF band Death Cheetah!

Danielle de Picciotto Reading + Musical Performance • Wednesday July 20, 2011 7:00 - 9:30 p.m. • Needles & Pens • 3253 16th Street, San Francisco

Special Guest! Hamburger Eyes!

This year we are honored to host the highly influential Bay Area photography group Hamburger Eyes!

Hamburger Eyes

is a loosely-knit photographers' collective started by Ray Potes in 2001. Now in its tenth year (just like the SFZF!), Hamburger Eyes continues to publish photo zines and books, exhibit photo shows as well as run its own Mission District-based custom print darkroom project space, Photo Epicenter. With the launch of Hamburger Eyeland, they have expanded their print offerings to feature an even wider assortment of cutting-edge urban visual documentarians.



Photo by Alex Martinez


Photo by Ray Potes


Photo by David Potes

As always, we are so delighted to be hosting such amazing creators, testaments to the enduring awesomeness of the small-press community. We will be holding Q+A sessions with all of our Guests at the show!

Special Guest! Lark Pien!

The SF Zine Fest is super proud to announce the first of this year's very Special Guests!

Our first Special Guest is the wonderful Lark Pien! Lark is a stalwart of the San Francisco small-press and comics scene;
she was born in San Francisco in 1972 and has been making minicomics since 1997. A true DIY success, Lark has continued to create small-press comics and hand-crafted art while also pursuing a carreer in the mainstream publishing industry; several of her stories like Long Tail Kitty and Mr. Elephanter have been adapted into children’s books. Lark is also the artist behind this year's SFZF poster art!

As always, we are so delighted to be hosting such amazing creators, testaments to the enduring awesomeness of the small-press community. We will be holding Q+A sessions with all of our Guests at the show!

This Friday! "Stupid Dreams" Release Party and Reading

Former SFZF Special Guest Joey Allison Sayers will be celebrating the release of her newest comics collection, "Stupid Dreams," this Friday at the newish Escapist Comics in Berkeley! Joey will be reading from her new, complete collection of five-minute comic strips, and will be joined by fellow Bay Area comics champs Sophie Yanow, Tessa Brunton, and Kane Lynch! What's not to love!

"Stupid Dreams" Release Party • Friday, June 24th, 7:00pm • The Escapist Comic Bookshop • 3090 Claremont Ave, Berkeley • FREE! • RSVP on Facebook

Exhibitor Applications now open!

The SF Zine Fest is happy to announce that exhibitor applications are now open!

This year the SFZF will be celebrating our tenth anniversary in style, adding a whole extra exhibition hall to the event at the SF County Fair Building... that means nearly 50 more tables worth of zinesters, cartoonists, artists, print-makers, and other DIY and small-press creators! The SF Zine Fest (Sept. 3 +4, 2011) is one of the nation's best small-press fairs, with affordable table rates (just $100 for a full table and $50 for a half table until August 1st!) and a terrific, varied audience (since the Fest is always FREE to the public, we always get great foot traffic: last year we had over 3500 people come, and we expect many more this year!), the SF Zine Fest is a perfect venue for all sorts of small-press, from established companies and creators (past exhibitors include AK Press, Microcosm Publishing, Sparkplug Comic Books, Tugboat Press, RE/Search, and many others) to first-time zine makers and budding comics artists.

Sign up online with our handy registration form today; while we have more room than ever this time, last year the Fest sold out months early! Early Bird registration last until August 1st!

SFZF 2011 Exhibitor Registration Form

This Weekend! Latino Comics Expo

We are stoked to report that a brand-new comics show is coming to San Francisco, the Latino Comics Expo! The Cartoon Art Museum will be hosting over a dozen latino cartoonists, including Mario Hernandez of Love & Rockets and Rafael Navarro of Somnambulo fame, focusing on the vibrant contempary Latin American comics scene... This seems like a perfect fit for the SF Bay Area, and an interesting model for other mini-shows to take.

Admission included with your ticket to the always fantastic CAM, which is also featuring exhibitions on Berkeley Breathed and a Small Press Spotlight on Tessa Brunton. A great excuse to check it out!

Latino Comics Expo • May 7 + 8, 2011, 11am - 5pm • Cartoon Art Museum • 655 Mission Street, SF