SFZF 2015 Applications


Please read our FAQ below for more information on this year's event and application:

What has changed for SFZF 2015?

This year, San Francisco Zinefest will be held on September 6th 2015. Unlike previous years, SFZF 2015 will be a one day event. Because renting our venue for one day costs significantly less, table prices have gone down this year! Half tables cost $35 and full tables cost $65.

SFZF 2015 will be a curated event. Table sales are no longer first-come first-served. All interested participants are asked to fill out an application to SFZF 2015. Tabling applications are open from May 1st - May 22nd. We expect to receive more applications than we have spaces available, so we will not be able to offer everyone a table.

We will have significantly fewer full tables this year in order to accommodate as many zinesters as possible. Half tables are intended for individual artists and full tables will be reserved for distros and artist collectives.

Why are you requiring applications this year, instead of giving tables to whoever asks first?

We love how diverse the zine and DIY community is, especially in the Bay Area! And we know that the first-come-first-served approach to exhibitor selection, though simple, tends to leave out groups of folks who don’t have easy access to our announcements or to the internet in general. As organizers, we’re hoping that the time we’ll spend on reviewing and curating can create a more diverse event, showcasing everyone from veterans of the scene to first-time zinesters.

What are you looking for in my application?

There's no one right answer, other than: tell us about what you make and why you love zines! While you are welcome to sell things other than zines at your table, we are looking for artists that are involved in zines, comics, art books and other types of publications in some way.

What is a safer space, and why do I have to sign a safer space agreement?

A safer space is “a supportive, non-threatening environment that encourages open-mindedness, respect, a willingness to learn from others, as well as physical and mental safety” (from the Coalition for Safer Spaces). SFZF organizers are committed to maintaining a safer space at zinefest, and we ask all tablers and attendees to make the same commitment.

What do volunteers do at SF Zinefest?

Volunteers are an essential part of SF Zinefest! Some of the tasks we ask volunteers to help us with include: setting up and breaking down tables, supervising and collecting zines for the zine library, and helping attendees at the info table. Each year we have a zinefest pre-party with the volunteer staff. At the pre-party, everyone can meet and we make signs for the event, fold programs, and talk about logistics.

Volunteering with SFZF is also a great way to get to know the organizers, give feedback and share your ideas about the event. Much of the zinefest organizing team started out as volunteers. Some of the SFZF organizers will be stepping down after 2015, and new organizers will be needed in order for SFZF 2016 to happen!

Any other questions? Email us at sfzinefest@gmail.com!

Thank you for yet another wonderful SFZF!

Whoa, what a weekend! Lots of talent, lots of adorable puppies, and smiles all around.  Oh, yeah, this guy was there too! 

(Photograph by Cindy Maram or Dig-In Magazine)

(Photograph by Cindy Maram or Dig-In Magazine)

But seriously, we would all love to thank you for a wonderful SFZF. You guys made this year spectacular, and you have us the drive, the desire, the enthusiasm to make this event even better next year.

Much thanks from the bottom of our hearts,

The SFZF Crew

After Party @ Mission Comics!

You're all invited to party with us at Mission Comics, Saturday, August 30th from 7pm to 10pm.

We'll hang out, eat snacks, and play games. It's a great opportunity to meet exhibitors and guests, and to have a great time! 

Here are a few recaps from last year's SFZF After Party: 

Photographs by Cindy Maram of Dig-In Magazine

Photographs by Cindy Maram of Dig-In Magazine

ission Comics: 

3520 20th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

Letter of Apology

Dear Community,

This letter is in regards to an email from SFZF that is now circling the internet. The email to which I refer was a written response composed by an SFZF organizer who lives outside of the bay area and is unaware of our "on the ground" real-time happenings. This email was sent without the knowledge of local organizers and came as a shock to us.

This organizer was responding to an inquiry by a member of the zine community, about specific table vendors for the SFZF 2014 weekend. The email response sent by this organizer contained factual errors about SFZF's 2014 line up, which we sincerely apologize for. The email also stated personal opinions and viewpoints that were entirely his own. 

The organizers of SFZF would like to state that these opinions do not represent the core beliefs of the team as a whole. We are deeply sorry this happened. As a result, this organizer will no longer be responsible for SFZF correspondence. In addition, he has volunteered to resign from our organizational team.

In our thirteen years running Zine Fest, this was our first incident handling such a delicate topic, and we were not organized with the proper communication protocols to respond properly. For this, we deeply apologize.

We hope that this letter serves to provide greater accountability and transparency in our organizing process. And we hope that in spite of this, you enjoy the multitude of diverse creative talent, and we will work hard to make Zine Fest as fun and interesting as it has been in year's past.



Liz Mayorga

Director of SFZF

SFZF 2014 Q&A Panel with Ryan Sands

Please join us Sunday, August 31st from 2:00 to 3:00 for a talk with our featured guest: RYAN SANDS! 

Ryan Sands is a zinemaker, editor, and translator who lives in San Francisco. Ryan runs the publishing company Youth in Decline, which is based out of a small office / Risograph print shop in the Mission and which focuses on "supporting diverse and unique stories from up-and-coming North American creators, introducing English-speaking audiences to our favorite international cartoonists and writers, and providing an outlet for artistic book objects from established creators we love." Join Ryan and host Channing Kennedy for a slideshow tour of Ryan's influences, favorite projects, and darkest secrets; bring your questions about publishing, distribution, curating, and getting your hair to do that. youthindecline.com


Moderator: Channing Kennedy

SFZF 2014 Q&A Panel with Hellen Jo

Please join us this Saturday, August 30th from 12:30 to 1:30 for our Q&A panel with our featured guest, HELLEN JO!

Hellen Jo is an illustrator and cartoonist in Los Angeles, where she works as a storyboard artist on Cartoon Network's first-ever woman-led show, Rebecca Sugar's "Steven Universe." Hellen is also the mastermind behind SFZF favorite Jin & Jam, the gorgeous-grossout watercolor comic adventures of two distinctly nonmagical schoolgirls. In her free time, she enjoys stickers, horror movies, and hoarding. Join Hellen and host Channing Kennedy for a slideshow tour of her influences, works-in-progress and rejects, and bring your questions about the rough-and-tumble storyboarder lifestyle and whether she prefers puffy stickers to scratch-and-sniff or vice versa.helllllen.org.

Moderator: Channing Kennedy

SFZF Public Statement

Hi SFZFers,

For SFZF2014, we're introducing a Safer Spaces policy. You can read it here (link); it'll also be posted publicly in the County Fair Building during SFZF itself. 

Having a policy of this sort has been a long time coming -- many of our fellow festivals have had ones for years -- and it's on us, the organizers, for not putting one in place sooner. SFZF is a labor of love, driven entirely by volunteer labor with no paid staff. That doesn't mean it's okay for things to slip through the cracks; rather, it means we owe everyone the event they signed up to be a part of.

Internally, we're discussing other ways that future SFZFs (and we want there to be many more!) can be even better. Our goal is to have a festival that everyone can feel proud to be a part of, and that reflects the values of the community we love. 

If you have any thoughts or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us by email, or in person this weekend. 

All our best, and see you Saturday!



Liz Mayorga

Director of SFZF

SFZF 2014 Panel: "RADICAL PARENTING" with Tomas Moniz, Artnoose, and Special Guests

Tomas Moniz (of Rad Dad) and Artnoose (of Ker-Bloom) publish stories about the ins and outs, highs and lows of parenting, because stories help make better parents. After all, parents need role models too. 

When life as a young rebel changes with the presence of a child, the rebellious spirit doesn’t die, it just evolves through parenthood. Tomas and Artnoose, and guests are here to talk about their experiences as artists and parents pushing for progress. 

Moderated by Tyler Cohen (of Primazonia). 

This panel takes place Saturday, August 30th from 3:30 to 4:30pm.