About Us

SF Zine Fest seeks to advance the do-it-yourself ethos by fostering community throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. In a weekend long event we celebrate and support independent writers, artists, and creators allowing them to share their work with an ever-growing audience in workshops, exhibitions and public events.



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Liz Mayorga is a writer / illustrator living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Liz is a Pop Culture junky, who is highly influenced by Classic Mexican films.  She is a sucker for dark comedy.  Her work often features monsters and food, though not always together. Liz has worked in youth programs and administration, and is now organizing SF Zine Fest for the fifth year in a row.  She enjoys working in spaces where art and community meet. For more information, visit lizmayorga.com. Liz currently serves as the Director of SF Zine Fest.








Lauren Davis is a blogger, editor and comic book junkie living in Berkeley. She's the weekend editor for the science fiction blog io9 and a regular contributor to ComicAlliance, where she can usually be found gushing over webcomics and envying the talents of extraordinary fan artists. Lauren edited and published her first comics anthology, The Comic Book Guide to the Mission.


Sean Logic is a writer/blogger/zinester from San Francisco. His writing has been featured in such publications as Razorcake, Thrasher, The Contra Costa Times and Seventeen Magazine. He is also the founder of Ashcan Magazine, a web/print publication focused on underground art and culture in the Bay Area. When he's not making bad jokes on the internet he spends his day writing even worse jokes to tell in-person. Sean currently serves as the SF Zine Fest Marketing Strategist. 



Ric Carrasquillo is a cartoonist, illustrator and animator. Ric has participated, coordinated or hosted the SF Zine Fest Reading with the Cartoon Art Museum since 2009. See more of his stuff at squillostudio.com. He is the Design Director for the Fest. 


Jennie Hinchcliff loves to send mail, all the time. She is co-author of the book Good Mail Day and an active member of the mail art community since 1996. In addition to organizing mail art shows and creating the zine Red Letter Day, Jennie is the founder of the San Francisco's Correspondence Co-Op and serves as the SF Zine Fest's Production Lead. 


Sarah Godfrey is an avid reader, collector, writer and artist of things. From 1983 until roughly now, she has been continually involved with stuff and would like very much to continue, as she has found much happiness in it. She has read a few zines, and wrote one, but has now forgotten where she put it. Sarah currently serves as the SF Zine Fest Volunteer Coordinator.


Ramon Solis is a writer, whose work has been featured in The Orange County Register, Hyphen Magazine, and The Swaggie Newspaper. In addition to writing, Ramon looks to researching the notion of, "space" from a multi-disciplinary framework. At UC Davis Ramon studied environmental policy and planning and currently is searching for the right kind of architectural school, as per Ira Glass' personal suggestion. Ramon currently serves as the SF Zine Fest's Marketing Lead.