Applications are now closed. Applicants can access their accounts here. The festival itself takes place on September 3 2017, in the County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park. 


When is the application submission deadline?
Applications are open from 12:01am May 20th to 11:59pm June 20th.

How much does it cost to be an exhibitor?
Half tables will be $45 and full tables will be $90. This year, we're also offering half-table exhibitors the option to pay a discounted fee of $5 (a 'self-scholarship'), and offering all exhibitors the option to 'pay it forward' by covering the difference for someone else. 

Admission to the fest is, and always will be, free!

Do I have to pay my table fee when I apply?
Nope! Exhibitors will pay when they register for the fest (after their applications have been accepted).

Why do I have to create an account and login?
The San Francisco Zine Fest team has decided to streamline the application, acceptance, and registration process by creating one access point. We hope that this makes the process easier for artists applying for tables, and makes it easier for us to respond to applications and registrations as quickly as possible

Why can't I create an account?
Accounts may be created between May 20th - June 20th this year, 2017. New accounts may not be created outside of this time frame as accounts are meant for applicants only.

Why are you requiring applications?
We love how diverse the zine and DIY community is, especially in the Bay Area! And we know that the first-come-first-served approach to exhibitor selection, though easy on us, tends to leave out groups of folks who don’t have quick access to our announcements or to the internet in general. As organizers, we’re hoping that the time we’ll spend on reviewing and curating can create a more diverse event, showcasing everyone from veterans of the scene to first-time zinesters.

What are you looking for in my application?
There's no one right answer, other than: tell us about what you make and why you love zines! While you are welcome to sell things other than zines at your table, we are looking for artists that are involved in zines, comics, art books and other types of publications in some way.

What is a safer space and why do I have to agree to a safer space agreement?
A safer space is “a supportive, non-threatening environment that encourages open-mindedness, respect, a willingness to learn from others, as well as physical and mental safety” (from the Coalition for Safer Spaces). SFZF organizers are committed to maintaining a safer space at zinefest, and we ask all tablers and attendees to make the same commitment. Read our policy here.

What is this half table full table thing?
Half tables are intended for individual artists; full tables will be reserved for certain distros and artist collectives. Having half tables allows the fest to include more artists without needing to rent a larger (and much more expensive) event space.

When/where is the fest again?
Sunday, September 3rd, 2017 in the County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park.

How do you pronounce 'zine'?

We're confirming this now but we think it's 'zine'

I have other questions! 

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