Watch all of the panels from SF Zine Fest 2013!


Whew! This year's San Francisco Zine Fest was immense amounts of fun! It was great to see so many creators and fans of DIY arts, and it's always illuminating to see what new zines and crafts folks have come up with. We love to see so many smiling (and tired) faces at the end of Zine Fest weekend, but it's bittersweet to watch the event we work so hard to bring to life close for the year.

Between tabling, socializing, perusing everyone's wares, attending workshops, participating in the Perennial Postcard Project, and making your mark on the Exquisite Corpse, it's hard to squeeze everything you want to do at Zine Fest into a single weekend. If you're bummed that you missed that panel you really wanted to see, though, you're in luck! We have videos of each of this year's six panels.


Justin Hall Spotlight: SF Zine Fest organizer Liz Mayorga kicked things off this year, moderating the spotlight panel featuring  Justin Hall. Justin talked about his work in a variety of genres, the mainstreaming of queer comics and creators, his curation of the No Straight Lines anthology, and why he wants to see more sex in indie comics.

Send Us Your Sick & Twisted: Community Cataloging Sexually Diverse Zines at the CSC: How do you go about cataloging a zine about gay vampires who engage exclusively in oral sex? The Center for Sex and Culture is here to answer all of our esoteric library cataloging questions through the lens of sexually diverse zines. This panel includes frank discussions about sex and sexuality and may not be safe for work, unless you work at the Center for Sex and Culture.

Marketing for Artists: Our culture tends to break artists down into overnight successes and starving artists, but there are plenty of working artists who make a healthy living doing the thing that they love. "Artrepreneur" and former gallery owner Rick Kitagawa explains how to go about marketing and selling your work—and emphasizes the importance of first figuring out who you are as an artist.

Roman Muradov Spotlight: Channing Kennedy manages to get illustrator and cartoonist Roman Muradov to talk about himself a bit, although this panel focuses mainly on Muradov's diverse influences and interests. Expect wealthy eccentrics, adorable animals, and plenty of wordplay.

Digital DIY: Creating Art with the Help of Social Media and Crowdfunding: Doctor Popular teaches us how to use social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram as a way to create art and collaborate with followers. He also demystifies the process of crowdfunding your project and how to craft a compelling narrative about your latest work.

Sophia Foster-Dimino Spotlight: Channing Kennedy also moderates our final panel of the weekend, with illustrator, Google Doodler, zine-maker, cartoonist, and animator Sophia Foster-Dimino. She discusses the impact of other cartoonists and video games on her work, and leads us through her creation process through four of her recent comics.

Lauren Davis