SF Zine Fest talks with Coin-Op Press

In three sentences, tell us what your work is about.

We create comic stories about things that interest us. Our interests include film, music and struggles in human endeavor. And we like it to be funny.

How did you first find out about zines? What inspired you to make your own zines?

We're drawn to the the idea of D.I.Y.

What do you do when you’re not creating?

Read books.

What is an unexpected benefit that you’ve experienced from reading/ making zines?

Meeting other folks who make zines. A truly inspiring bunch of people.

How would you advise first timers on making their first zines?

Concentrate on something that really fascinates you and turn that into your zine.

What are you working on for this year’s SF Zine Fest?

Our latest single-story comic: "Saltz and Pepz Go Electric." It's like Dylan at Newport, but with animal characters, speed metal and explosions. And it's in verse.

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