SFZF Public Statement

Hi SFZFers,

For SFZF2014, we're introducing a Safer Spaces policy. You can read it here (link); it'll also be posted publicly in the County Fair Building during SFZF itself. 

Having a policy of this sort has been a long time coming -- many of our fellow festivals have had ones for years -- and it's on us, the organizers, for not putting one in place sooner. SFZF is a labor of love, driven entirely by volunteer labor with no paid staff. That doesn't mean it's okay for things to slip through the cracks; rather, it means we owe everyone the event they signed up to be a part of.

Internally, we're discussing other ways that future SFZFs (and we want there to be many more!) can be even better. Our goal is to have a festival that everyone can feel proud to be a part of, and that reflects the values of the community we love. 

If you have any thoughts or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us by email, or in person this weekend. 

All our best, and see you Saturday!



Liz Mayorga

Director of SFZF

Liz Mayorga