SFZF 2014 Q&A Panel with Hellen Jo

Please join us this Saturday, August 30th from 12:30 to 1:30 for our Q&A panel with our featured guest, HELLEN JO!

Hellen Jo is an illustrator and cartoonist in Los Angeles, where she works as a storyboard artist on Cartoon Network's first-ever woman-led show, Rebecca Sugar's "Steven Universe." Hellen is also the mastermind behind SFZF favorite Jin & Jam, the gorgeous-grossout watercolor comic adventures of two distinctly nonmagical schoolgirls. In her free time, she enjoys stickers, horror movies, and hoarding. Join Hellen and host Channing Kennedy for a slideshow tour of her influences, works-in-progress and rejects, and bring your questions about the rough-and-tumble storyboarder lifestyle and whether she prefers puffy stickers to scratch-and-sniff or vice versa.helllllen.org.

Moderator: Channing Kennedy

Liz Mayorga