SFZF 2014 Q&A Panel with Ryan Sands

Please join us Sunday, August 31st from 2:00 to 3:00 for a talk with our featured guest: RYAN SANDS! 

Ryan Sands is a zinemaker, editor, and translator who lives in San Francisco. Ryan runs the publishing company Youth in Decline, which is based out of a small office / Risograph print shop in the Mission and which focuses on "supporting diverse and unique stories from up-and-coming North American creators, introducing English-speaking audiences to our favorite international cartoonists and writers, and providing an outlet for artistic book objects from established creators we love." Join Ryan and host Channing Kennedy for a slideshow tour of Ryan's influences, favorite projects, and darkest secrets; bring your questions about publishing, distribution, curating, and getting your hair to do that. youthindecline.com


Moderator: Channing Kennedy

Liz Mayorga