Letter of Apology

Dear Community,

This letter is in regards to an email from SFZF that is now circling the internet. The email to which I refer was a written response composed by an SFZF organizer who lives outside of the bay area and is unaware of our "on the ground" real-time happenings. This email was sent without the knowledge of local organizers and came as a shock to us.

This organizer was responding to an inquiry by a member of the zine community, about specific table vendors for the SFZF 2014 weekend. The email response sent by this organizer contained factual errors about SFZF's 2014 line up, which we sincerely apologize for. The email also stated personal opinions and viewpoints that were entirely his own. 

The organizers of SFZF would like to state that these opinions do not represent the core beliefs of the team as a whole. We are deeply sorry this happened. As a result, this organizer will no longer be responsible for SFZF correspondence. In addition, he has volunteered to resign from our organizational team.

In our thirteen years running Zine Fest, this was our first incident handling such a delicate topic, and we were not organized with the proper communication protocols to respond properly. For this, we deeply apologize.

We hope that this letter serves to provide greater accountability and transparency in our organizing process. And we hope that in spite of this, you enjoy the multitude of diverse creative talent, and we will work hard to make Zine Fest as fun and interesting as it has been in year's past.



Liz Mayorga

Director of SFZF

Liz Mayorga