SF Zine Fest talks with Rajit Phiosuwan

In three sentences, tell us what your work is about.

My work reflects my interpretation of my subconsciousness. We can never truly know the processes of the subconscious, but I believe they can be exposed through daily actions, such as how we interact with people and express our emotions. All of which are predicated upon one's life experiences.

How did you first find out about zines? What inspired you to make your own zines?

My friends were telling me about how much they enjoyed making art for zines last time, It sounded fun for me! So, I decided to experience myself this year!

What do you do when you’re not creating?


What is an unexpected benefit that you’ve experienced from reading/ making zines?

This is the first time for me joining zines. I am expecting to meet cool artists and make friends there!

How would you advise first timers on making their first zines?

No advise!! First time doing this :) Just get yourself ready to have fun, I guess!

What are you working on for this year’s SF Zine Fest?

I am working on prints, postcards, and sketch books!

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