Announcing 2015's Featured Artist: MADELEINE FLORES!

We're so excited to share the news at long last! Our special guest for SFZF2015 is none other than Madeleine Flores, creator of the webcomic-turned-real-comic HELP US! GREAT WARRIOR (check out this great interview about it on Autostraddle) and inspiration to art school dropouts everywhere! We asked Madeleine to send us a bio and photo, and here's what we got:

Madeleine Flores is a uc8i7;alijsgrvlej (that was her cat walking on the keyboard) a cartoonist, writer, storyboard artist and creator of Help Us! Great Warrior, a webcomic turned 6 issue mini series from BOOM! Studios. She lives in LA and works at Dreamworks TV!

Stay tuned to this space and to Madeleine's Tumblr, where she'll be answering our questions (and yours if you submit them!) And of course , mark your calendar now for to say hi to her, and the rest of us, on September 6th at Golden Gate Park! We'll see you there!

One last thing: we're almost done reviewing exhibitor applications! We got more great zinesters and artists applying than we even guessed! We'll let you all know the lineup by June 22.

Liz Mayorga