Q&A with Madeleine Flores, our SFZF2015 Guest of Honor!

           HU!GW fan art by Katie Kirschner

          HU!GW fan art by Katie Kirschner

Madeleine Flores is a webcomic artist turned print-comic artist and storyboarder, and she's also our 2015 Guest of Honor! Over on her Tumblr, we asked her about her six-issue BOOM! comic  HELP US! GREAT WARRIOR, her newfound position as a role model for aspiring creators, and her favorite jams. Here are all of her answers in one place! Enjoy, and come hang out with her at San Francisco Zine Fest 2015!

Madeleine! Question #1: who was the first cartoon character you saw who looked like you?


I’m super excited to go to San Francisco! I’ve never been weeee!!!

Ok answer to Question #1:

I think I gotta say JASMINE from Aladdin- I’m not Middle Eastern but like…there was no one else so I latched onto her pretty hard! Thick black hair, actual eyebrows, brown skin….tiger best friend. 

I remember flipping out when my mom found bedroom curtains with her on them. They were purple and I loved them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You’ve written a lot about how new, non-traditional career paths for storyboarders and comic artists are opening up (using yourself as an example). What do you think the industry will look like in ten years, in terms of who gets paying gigs and what gets made?

I think as long as there is an online platform for people to easily upload their work & for other people to see it- more and more hires will come from seeing a portfolio. 

Of course the portfolio that gets hired could also be one from an art student. Students studying animation will still get hired, but students who don’t have a chance to study it are now considered as well.

As for what gets made? For that to change I think a lot of executives need to rethink what animation is and can be. But now more and more independent creators are going through crowd funding/web channels to make content and it will be exciting to see how or IF network executives decide it’s lucrative enough to try something new.

It’s frustrating to see an audience say things like ‘why don’t they do X? why don’t they have X character and X storyline?’ and blame the artists.

Trust me- the artists have fresh ideas, they are on your side and are constantly fighting for new things!

Can you describe how it felt to see the first (and second! and ??) Great Warrior cosplayer?


It’s super rad seeing people cosplaying!!!!! It’s fun because everyone interprets it differently! One day i might see someone cosplaying irl- so far i’ve only seen photos -_-


In your opinion, what’s the best way to support up-and-coming artists now? What forms of support made the biggest difference for you? AND What new artists should everyone know about?

The best way to support any artist is to share their work (WITH SOURCE/SIGNATURE/LINKS INTACT!!!!!!!!)

Buy their work if you can, donate to them on their paypals if you enjoy their comic that they put out for free, support their patreons!!

I wish I had patreon when I was starting out~~

For me, the support that helped was getting kind messages from people saying that a comic or drawing brightened their day- it helped motivate me, helped me feel like i wasn’t the only person having these feelings. People coming by at shows and buying my minis and then telling people online about it after is the biggest deal! 

Here are some of my favorite artists right now (they’ve been obviously working hard for a long time and might not necessarily be “new” but you know):





When you and your mom drive up for the fest in September, what will you listen to in the car?


THANK YOU MADELEINE! We'll see you soon!

Sean Logic