Video from Thinking Captions 2016!

Thanks to everyone who joined us at Thinking Captions, our annual pre-SFZF reading! And for those of you who couldn't be there: now it's like you were! Thanks so much to the San Francisco Public Library for hosting us and for filming!

San Francisco Zine Fest - Queer Anxiety Babiez Distro are two anxious queers based in the Bay Area who make zines focused on gender, queerness, mental health, and chronic/invisible illnesses.
San Francisco Zine Fest - Larry-bob Roberts is a long-time zinester who started publishing Holy Titclamps in 1989 and also produced Queer Zine Explosion. His newest zines are about now-vanished San Francisco social spots and his collection of flyers and ephemera.
San Francisco Zine Fest - Meggie Ramm uses comics as a way of acknowledging and managing various disorders, as well as a platform to reach out to others who share in the same struggle.
San Francisco Zine Fest - Karl Dotter is an Oakland-based cartoonist (also known as Dot) known for his delightful depictions of anthropomorphic toast and pinecones. Karl's latest comics are inspired by (new) parenthood and include myth-busting comics about babies.
San Francisco Zine Fest - Ajuan Mance is an artist and writer whose zines and comics use humor and art to explore the complexities of African life in the U.S. She makes an autobiographical comic series about life as a Black, genderqueer nerd; illustrated zine-poems about Black culture and history; and a vast and amazing ongoing series called "1001 Black Men" that now comprises almost 1001 portraits.
San Francisco Zine Fest