It's all over!

Wow! It's all over! What a fantastic, fun, relaxing, and delightful show! Thanks to everyone who came out, our exhibitors, volunteers, and attendees... You made this show a great success!

Check back in with us for more news in the following weeks, as we wrap up the final details of the Fest... but for now, check out these links for photos, individual recaps, and more:

First off, please check out our shiny new Twitter page... the lovely Maria will be continuing to update there as new blog entries spring up and other news emerges...

Wired covered the SFZF's plethora of "Blogs for Print Nerds!" Lots of great photos!

Some nice photos from the SF Weekly (François got interviewed by Edward Paik, too, so watch out for an article in the upcoming issue!).

And lots of photos on our SFZF Flickr Photo Pool... Please join up if you have photos!

Michael Cappozola shot this charming Video at the show...

Thoughts from Doc Pop & Amy Martin.