Special Guest: Andy Hartzell

We are very happy to announce the 2009 SFZF's first Special Guest: Xeric Award winning cartoonist Andy Hartzell! We've been big fans of Andy for awhile now, with cherished copies of the luxurious, limited edition, small-press release of Fox Bunny Funny on our bookshelves (don't fret, you can still get the perfectly elegant mass market edition from Top Shelf!). Andy is definitely one of the most exciting comics creators on our radar (check out his amazing ongoing project Monday) with deep Bay Area roots (he is one of the founders of the great mini-comics distro Global Hobo) and we are delighted to host him this year, before he gets too big for our little homegrown festival! Watch for a Q + A with him at the Zine Fest, where he will discuss his work in the comics, illustration, and game design fields. For a preview of things he might say, check out this interview with him over at the Daily Crosshatch!