SFZF Bloggery.

San Francisco Zine Fest 2009
Photo by Steve Rhodes

Here's a quick wrap up of some of the blogs, photos, and other mentions of the SFZF that we found in the last week... if you have some other great wrap-up that you've found, feel free to link to it in the coments below!

The prolific Mark Frauenfelder of Boing Boing is running a whole series on some of the creators he met and photographed at Zine Fest! Thus far, we've got Sean Logic, Hellen Jo and Calvin Wong, Amy Martin, Doc Popular, with more coming in the next week!

Josh Creep of the SF Weekly's All Shook Down has an overview of the Zine Fest here.

Melissa Hung, Founding Editor of Hyphen (who gave a great talk on Sunday about taking your zine to the next level, publishing-wise), gives a rundown of the things that caught her eye at the Fest.

Alexa from The Swell Life gives a design-oriented tour here.

Jordan Hurder, a budding book collector (and author of an essay on the Codex Seraphinianus), wrote a long and detailed rumination on the differences encountered between the Zine Fest and your average antiquarian book fair.

And our pals at Rock Paper Scissors had some nice words to say... look for some SFZF x RPS events in the coming year!

And Josh Ellingson of Laughing Squid gives his take on the 9th annual SFZF here, including lots and lots of photos!

Speaking of photos, there are lots to be found at our SF Zine Fest Flickr Group, and if you have photos of your own, we'd love to have 'em on there too!
San Francisco Zine Fest