24 Hour Comic Book Day 10/3-10/4

Some of you might have heard about 24 Hour Comics Day, an annual event where comics creators of every ability level are challenged to write and draw a full 24-page comic in 24 hours straight... it's a pretty awesome concept, forcing a creator to work through the sometimes crushing self-doubt and second-guessing that can keep one from putting pen to page and just getting it done. This year, two local comic shops, Mission: Comics and Art and The Comic Outpost, along with the San Francisco Cartoonist Conspiracy, will be hosting all-night events where you can check out cartoonists in the midst of their 24 hour marathon (there might be room for some more participants, too, but contact the venues first). Mission: Comics has a list of their participating cartoonists online, and it is chock full of Zine Fest exhibitors, including Doc Pop (creator of the flyer above), Matt Delight, and Miromi, one of our intrepid Zine Fest organizers! Swing by and give 'em some support!

P.S. Quick editorial: 24 Hour Comics Day might want to reconsider having "Bawls" be their official energy drink sponsor. Just saying.
San Francisco Zine Fest