Indy Euphoria in Sacramento - 1/9 + 1/10

This weekend will feature the inaugural Indy Euphoria show in Sacramento, an interesting mash-up of the indy comix and vinyl toy worlds... they've got some great special guests from these different facets of the indy/DIY art scene, including Jim Woodring, Jeffery Brown, Tom Neely, Attaboy, and many more, along with lots of creators who will be familiar to Zine Fest goers: PS Comics, Damien Jay, Sparkplug Comics, Jesse Reklaw, Family Style, Susie Cagle, Jason Martin, and more! Workshops, too... including a live/undead zombie drawing session with Mike Hampton & Dan Brereton! What!?!

Indy Euphoria • The Scottish Rite Center, 6151 H Street, Sacramento • Saturday, 1/9 + Sunday, 1/10 • $6/one day $10/both days
San Francisco Zine Fest