Giant Robot Fundraiser

Giant Robot magazine is facing some rough times right now, and they have put out a call for fiscal support.

One of the greatest zine "success stories", Giant Robot magazine has grown over the course of 15 years from a DIY photo-copied zine to a major indy publication (along with some great stores and galleries). The owner, Eric Nakamura, has been very supportive of the artists he has featured over the years in the mag and the galleries, including tons of zinesters, mini-comic creators, and other DIY visionaries. They've also helped out the SF Zine Fest in the past with monetary and in-kind donations over the years.

Now that they are in need, we thought that we would put the word out there. If you have read and loved the mag in the past, please consider making a donation to help keep Giant Robot publishing. More info is available on their donation page.

Good luck GR!
San Francisco Zine Fest