Yss Yes Yes Magazine Release at the No Shop - Saturday

The other day I popped into the newish NO. Shop on Valencia for the first time, and was sufficiently wowed by their top-notch, floor-to-ceiling selection of vintage fashions (and the super-swanky wooden fixtures the clothes are displayed on!)... but I was doubly delighted when proprietress Leah informed me of her upcoming plunge into the publishing world, with the release of the first issue of Yes Yes Yes Magazine! It sounds really great, lots of photography, art, and esp. some great interviews, which Leah mentioned are a passion of hers. I'm intrigued!

The release will be in-store at the No Shop from 12-4pm, followed by a post-release party with a very cool Surprise Musical Guest (honestly, I'll stand behind the SMG's coolness!) at Able & Baker Studio for $3. Definitely recommended!

Opening Reception and Release • 12-4pm • NO. Shop • 389 Valencia Street at 15th Street, San Francisco

Post-Release Party • 7-10 pm • Able & Baker Studio • 2710 16th Street at Harrison, San Francisco