ALIEN/ATION: An Illustration Show 7/10

Our good pals at Paper Hat Productions are teaming up with the editors of HYPHEN Magazine to host an awesome art show, featuring the work of illustrators who have appeared in HYPHEN over the years. With tons of art, a bar, live painting, DJs, and even vegan cupcakes, this is one art opening that you'll definitely want to mark down on your calendar! Oh, and the first 25 paid guests (after 7:00pm) get a free swag bag including an issue of Hyphen!

Featuring art by: Danny Neece, Eve Skylar, Jon Stich, Jorge Mascarenhas, Joseph To, Kim Herbst, Rick Kitagawa, Rob Sato, and Yoko Furusho.

ALIEN/ATION: An Illustration Show • Saturday, July 10th 5:30 pm (Artist's Reception), 7:00 pm (Art Riot Extravaganza) • $5 (free before 7:00pm) • Space Gallery • 1141 Polk St.