SFZF Reading Room Preview at Levi's Workshop

The SF Zine Fest is very excited to be a community partner with Levi's at thier first Workshop, an interesting hybrid retail/community space on Valencia Street in the Mission. This is the first in a series of Workshops that will be opening up across the country, and this inaugural effort is a celebration of printmaking in a wide variety of formats, from letterpress and screen printing to photocopiers. Throughout July and August the Workshop will be presenting a wide variety of events, from a talk by designer Stefan Sagmeister (7/30) to a film screening of three documentaries on the beloved silk-screen artist Sister Corita (8/5). The Workshop is working with a wide array of local artists and organizations, including 826 Valencia, The Small Stakes, Mission Grafica, and many others, including the San Francisco Zine Fest!

For our part, we are doing an extended "library loan" of zines and comics from the SFZF Reading Room. Folks at the Workshop are encouraged to read and enjoy this sampling of Bay Area DIY creations, and to seek out the creators at the upcoming Zine Fest or online to purchase the works. This is just a small preview of the much more extensive Reading Room which we will have at the Zine Fest itself, which is going to be a great opportunity for the public to be exposed to all sorts of amazing small-press work in a quiet, relaxing environment!

We'll post here (and even more often on Facebook) again regarding some of the upcoming Workshop events that we think will be particularly interesting for Zine Fest fans, (we're esp. excited about the three-day in-house production of local art mag First Person from 7/15 - 7/17)but more info is available online at the Levi's Workshops website.

Levi's Workshop - Print • 580 Valencia Street, San Francisco• 7/1/10 - 8/28/10