Creator Q+A | Crude Dude

Throughout the month leading up the the SFZF we will be running daily mini-profiles of some of the many zinesters, cartoonists, and other creative types who make the Zine Fest what it is. Today's creator is Jose Angeles of Crude Dude. Stay tuned for more!

Q. What inspired you to get into small-press/DIY publishing?
A. I simply got bored of mainstream publications. With their endless advertisements and boring viewpoints, they're more catered towards braindead consumers instead of individuals with a mind of their own. Eventually I wanted to see something I could relate to for a change since my lifestyle and values don't really fit with the status-quo. What better way then to just make my own crap. Like the saying goes, if you want it done right, just gotta do it yourself. Also I was attracted to the nontraditional means of printing and lack of filtering/censorship. I can practically publish an extremely perverse comic overnight just by stapling a bunch of xerox copies together. No waiting a year and a half for an inevitable rejection letter. Just gotta make stuff happen, not just wait for it to happen.

Q. When did you create your first zine or similar project? Can you describe it for us? When you look back, are you proud, embarrassed, both?
A. The year was 2003. I was a lonely, confused, angry kid in college trying to make sense of a senseless world I felt like I was a victim of. I did really crappy comics about stupid people pissing me off. They'd always get killed by their own stupidity. I stapled xerox copies of said comics (made at either SFSU or Kinkos in Colma at 3am) and that was pretty much my first mini-comic. I'm embarrassed by the under developed art and worldviews I had but at the same time proud that I had the guts to unleash such a crude publication which surprisingly got me some sort of following over the years.

Q. If you have been to the SF Zine Fest before, do you have a favorite memory?
A. My favorite moment was having my table next to Jeff Plotkin of Happy Freak show. I was a fan of his comic before and it turned out he read some of my stuff prior to the show too. Cool guy, I get a Christmas Card from him every year ever since that show in 2006. I also liked when one guy's mind was totally blown away by some poster I did. He really wanted it but was like "my wife would kill me if I got it". I wanted to say "...then get a new wife".

Q. What would you like to see more of in the small-press world?
A. More transgressive work. And by that I mean stuff that is genuinely transgressive, not transgressive for transgression's sake.

Q. If you could give advice to an aspiring DIY creator, what would it be?
A. Don't expect profit. Otherwise it's so easy to be discouraged and call it quits. Be willing to do trades with anyone anywhere. That's the best way you can leave an impact with your work cause fellow zinesters/artists/publishers know how to appreciate this stuff more than your average joe.