Creator Q+A | Drippy Bone Books

Throughout the month leading up the the SFZF we will be running daily mini-profiles of some of the many zinesters, cartoonists, and other creative types who make the Zine Fest what it is. Today's creator is Keenan Marshall Keller of Drippy Bone Books. Stay tuned for more!

Q. When did you create your first zine or similar project? Can you describe it for us? When you look back, are you proud, embarrassed, both?
A. I hated zines all through life until I was much older. Everyone I knew whom made them through high school & college were poets or punkers and that shit was real boring…
It wasn’t until I was older and focusing on my own drawing and art that I started thinking about publishing, then started to think realistically about that and turned my focus to zines. The 1st zine I actually made was with a large group of people and it came out pretty lame, but it was only a year from then that I made Whore Eyes #1 & #2 (my first zines as part of DBB) and I’m very proud of those….

Q. What is your all-time favorite zine/comic/etc (by someone other than you)? Who is
your DIY hero?

A. Well my partners, Mario Zoots & Kristy Foom are 2 of my art heros…. They do it all,
art, publishing, curating, music and zines…. They’re like mini-mutant-moguls… Also
people like fore mentioned David Magdaleno, Mike Diana, Le Dernier Cri, Victor Cayro, and Gary Panter all whom endlessly inspires me.

Q. What would you like to see more of in the small-press world?
A. “Support Weird, Create Havoc, and Stay Savage.” Really, just keep it weird.

Q. In addition to the kind of work you will be showing at Zine Fest, what other creative pursuits do you have? Hobbies? Passions?
A. Art. Books. Comix. Music. Everything we (DBB) love as a group, works it’s way into
our publishing. There isn’t really a separation between myself and what I do…. Oh
yeah, I also like weed.

Q. What are you working on now? What are you gonna do next?
A. A shit-ton of stuff going down! We will have 4 new titles for SF ZINE Fest:
Galactic Breakdown #2, I Gotta Grunt, The Best Things in Life Are Free if You Are Rich, and Pushing It with Roids: a special SF Zine Fest release only!!! A life guide to bad-ass-ary.

Plus later in September, we are releasing our biggest book to date. Grawlix Comix #1 featuring the works of: Victor Cayro/Bald Eagles, Michael DeForge, Derek M Ballard, Matheiu Desjardins, Becca Kacanda, Evan Meister, and myself. A full color, uncensored collection of the best underground commix artists working today! Raw, deranged, graphic beauty for the enlightened savage in all of us.