Creator Q+A | The Force of Nature

Throughout the month leading up the the SFZF we will be running daily mini-profiles of some of the many zinesters, cartoonists, and other creative types who make the Zine Fest what it is. Today's creator is John Bobst aka The Force of Nature. Stay tuned for more!

Q. What inspired you to get into small-press/DIY publishing?

Why does any guy get involved with artsy things? For a girl of course, duh!! No but really, it's more or less the truth. My ex was in to zines so I took an interest in them and now I don't know what I'd do without my typewritten babies.

Q. Who is your DIY hero?

A. My favorite zinester of all time is probably Volthair. She's pretty much the coolest artsy kid I know. She writes awesome songs, awesome zines, is wicked good at animation and is all around good at life. I read her zine in May 2009 and sent her an email letting her know how much I liked it. We still keep in touch and this is one of my favorite things about zines. Making friends with people all over the world. I also like Buttersword!! I traded zines with them awhile back and they're going to be exhibiting at zinefest so I'll get to meet them which is exciting.

Q. If you have been to the SF Zine Fest before, do you have a favorite/exciting/cringe-worthy memory?

A. I went to my first zinefest all by myself and for some reason I was really nervous. I brought ten or so copies of my zine with me to trade and for some reason I got uncharacteristically shy. But two awesome things did happen that day. The first was that I got to meet Tomas Muniz who wrote the very first zine that I ever owned(Sometimes you kill for what you love), and the second was that I gave one of the guys from Ashcan Magazine a copy of my zine and they reviewed it on their website.

Q. In addition to the kind of work you will be showing at Zine Fest, what other creative pursuits do you have? Hobbies? Passions?

A. Does getting drunk and singing at the top of my lungs count as a hobby? What about learning the dance moves to Lady Gaga videos? I try my best to be a musician. I am learning how to play piano and can play drums. Anyone need a drummer? I also write lyrics that always come out vulgar and silly. I nerd it up as much as possible, there's lots of magic the gathering and video games in my life. If you're an attractive girl who knows what magic the gathering is please contact me.

Q. What are you working on now? What are you gonna do next?

A. Right now my goal is to become just famous enough to leak a sex tape. Then maybe I'll get a reality tv show and become really famous. like that lady with the big butt.

Other than that, I am trying to write a book. I'm 40k words into it and I think the task feels more daunting now than it did when I started. I'm also trying to finish my comedy album "Silly Songs by Silly Bitches." So far I've only got 8 tracks but you can listen to them on my website.