Creator Q+A | Fritz Bogott

Throughout the month leading up the the SFZF we will be running daily mini-profiles of some of the many zinesters, cartoonists, and other creative types who make the Zine Fest what it is. Today's creator is Fritz Bogott. Stay tuned for more!

Q. When did you create your first zine or similar project? Can you describe it for us? When you look back, are you proud, embarrassed, both?
A. The first noteworthy one was a mini-comic called "Toot, a Short Tract" featuring many-headed drug-seeking handymen. It took a very short time to draw and a weirdly long time in Kinko's to produce, but a bunch of my friends hung onto their copy for years, so something must have been going right.

Q. What is your all-time favorite zine/comic/etc (by someone other than you)? Who is your DIY hero?

A. My daughter draws many well-crafted mind-boggling non-sequiturs each day, occasionally with captions written in scratch-invented alphabets. I am in awe of the quality, quantity and oddity of her illustrations.

My current DIY hero is Kek-W. He always has a bunch of projects going in a bunch of different media and a suspiciously large number of them turn out great!

Q. What advice do you wish you had gotten when you were starting out?
A. I'm involved in DIY precisely so I don't have to listen to anybody's advice.

Q. What do you think the general public knows or thinks about small-press? How can the zine/comics community reach a greater segment of the public?
A. The discoverability and availability of subcultural art, comics and literature is SO much better than the pre-ubiquitous-Internet days when I grew up. If I were fifteen now I'd be in heaven.

Q. In addition to the kind of work you will be showing at Zine Fest, what other creative pursuits do you have? Hobbies? Passions?
A. I'm a fanatical baker and collector of cooking literature. The International Cartoonist Conspiracy is doing a comic cookbook next summer, so I am a happy man.

Q. What are you working on now? What are you gonna do next?

I'm writing a children's book about a hyperactive tropical-fruit-loving dragon for an eight-year-old friend of mine. Once that's done I'm planning a novella about a hash-smoking hard-boiled detective in 1930's Paris, inspired by a comment of Kek's after a pot of the seekrit Black Crack coffee he's been drinking lately.