SFZF 2010 Letterpress Posters!

Oh wow! The amazing Aaron Cohick of NewLights Press just finished printing up this year's SFZF posters, and they are beautiful! The design, illustrated by our Special Guest Jesse Reklaw, is truly a work of art, elegantly showcasing the joys (and occasional sorrows) of self-publishing! The posters themselves have an extraordinarily rich presence, seeing as each one was hand letterpress-printed with not one, not two, but three colors! Believe me, you'll definitely want to have one of these frame-ready limited edition prints for your wall, and lucky you: We'll be selling them at the Zine Fest and at some of our early fund-raising events (like the SFZF Benefit Show on 8/26 and the "Now See This" comics reading on 9/3)!

The SFZF crew would also like the take this chance to publically thank Hello! Lucky for donating the paper for this year's posters, and in particular to thank the one and only Aaron of NewLights Press. Aaron has been helping to run the Zine Fest for the last two years, and has just accepted a position as "Printer of the Press" at Colorado College! We are super proud of Aaron's big step, but at the same time we are truly sad to see him go... Our fondest thoughts and highest hopes go with him into the mountains!
San Francisco Zine Fest