Tonight in Oakland: "Our Other Weapon is a Zine"

Some of our favorite zinesters are spreading the Zine Fest energy with a week-long, six-city reading tour of the greater Bay Area. "Our Other Weapon is a Zine" features contribution from terrific creators such as Tomas Moniz (Rad Dad), Dani Burlison & Leilani Clark (Petals & Bones), Capella Parish and Ava Anderson, Anna Reutinger, & Roxie Perkins of Crosshatch Zine. The whole tour wraps up with a big homecoming to San Francisco's Needles and Pens the night before the Fest!

• Tuesday, August 31, 7 pm to 9 pm - Rock Paper Scissors Collective - 2278 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland
San Francisco Zine Fest