"Zines on Toast" Tour Coming to SFZF

The fantastic UK zinesters of the "Zines on Toast" tour are going to be making a two-day long stopover at the San Francisco Zine Fest! The tour features UK creators Isy Morgenmuffel, Edd Baldry, Steve Larder, Tom Fiction, Natalie Last Hours and is lead by the intrepid Alex Wrekk (Stolen Sharpie Revolution)! Make sure that you catch their reading and panel discussion on Sunday at 4:00pm, where they'll recount tales of the London Zine Symposium, failing to punch Tony Blair, ideas for radical health, creating a UK social centre, bike punks, regional dialects and much more!

Plus! Don't forget to check in on the "Zines on Toast" tour page for updates on the rest of their tour, which stretches over a whole month and wanders from Portland OR to New York City!

"Zine on Toast" Tour - 8/25 thru 9/30
San Francisco Zine Fest