24-Hour Comic Day! Oct. 2

Hey comics lovers! One of the most silly, fun, and interesting events of the comcis year is coming up on Oct. 2, 24-Hour Comic Day! Head on down to either Mission Comics in SF or Comics Relief in Berkeley to see dozens of cartoonists toiling away to write, draw, and fininish a 24-page comic in just as many hours! Who will be there? What will they be making? Will they finish?!

The whole thing starts at 11am on October 2 and wraps up one day later at 11am on October 3. Feel free to pop by anytime (2am anyone?) and show your support of these cartoonists on their comics-making marathons! This year's events are being put on by the very fun and hard-working SF Cartoonist Conspiracy.

24-Hour Comics Day • 10/2/10 11:00am - 10/3/10 11:00am
Comics Relief 2026 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley
Mission: Comics and Art 3520 20th St. Suite B San Francisco
San Francisco Zine Fest