Special Guest! Lark Pien!

The SF Zine Fest is super proud to announce the first of this year's very Special Guests!

Our first Special Guest is the wonderful Lark Pien! Lark is a stalwart of the San Francisco small-press and comics scene;
she was born in San Francisco in 1972 and has been making minicomics since 1997. A true DIY success, Lark has continued to create small-press comics and hand-crafted art while also pursuing a carreer in the mainstream publishing industry; several of her stories like Long Tail Kitty and Mr. Elephanter have been adapted into children’s books. Lark is also the artist behind this year's SFZF poster art!

As always, we are so delighted to be hosting such amazing creators, testaments to the enduring awesomeness of the small-press community. We will be holding Q+A sessions with all of our Guests at the show!