Exhibitor Registration is Open!

Greetings writers, artists, zinesters, & DIY aficionados,

We're happy to announce that exhibitor registrations has opened for the 2012 SF Zine Fest!  The show will be Labor Day weekend, September 1st and 2nd at the County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park.

If you are interested in registering as an exhibitor, please visit the Registration page. There you will find further instructions for submitting your registration form and paying your registration fees.

We encourage all exhibitors to register early! A few reasons why include….

1. After August 1st, the price for tables goes up for late registrants.

2. We will accept applications up until the time of the show, but every year we sell out of tables. An application received the week before the show may not make it onto the handout program and map - so people won't know where to find you.

3. Any special requests will be honored (if possible) in the order received.  So if you need any special arrangements (e.g. power outlets or want to be near/far from a wall) it’s a smart move to let us know ahead of time.

Once we receive your application and payment you will receive a confirmation message.

: Don't forget to fill out a Temporary Seller’s Permit and bring it with you to the show.  Everyone must have one if they don't have a California Seller's Permit.

Thank you all for your interest.  We hope to see some old friends and new faces this year.  Keep checking our website for updates about the show, and great info on the zine + DIY community. See ya at the fest!

Photo courtesy Ashcan Magazine.