Zine Spotlight: Endless Canvas

Endless Canvas, launched in 2008, was inspired by East Coast street art blogs. From their inception, the group's focus has been to showcase the street art and graffiti movement in the Bay Area (Oakland, Berkeley and San Francisco). Endless Canvas spotlights street art and graffiti through photography, zines and original art. We took some time to find out more about this amazingly creative collective prior to SF Zine Fest 2012.

How did you get into independent publishing, art and the like?

I got into zines through going to punk shows back in the day. After bootlegging political pamphlets for years I met some photographers who were printing there own graffiti zines. We got together and started a collaborative blog to post daily photos of street art in the Bay Area. About a year in we decided to make a quick collaborative zine to promote our website project (www.EndlessCanvas.com). We received a really positive response to the zine! People loved to have something tangible with texture so we just kept making more. They did so well that we started printing zines and comics for other local street artists. Screen printing our covers led into us screen printing limited edition posters for artists. This year we release our first perfect bound, full color, zine called Special Delivery and look forward to stepping our game up.

What are you trying to communicate through your zines, art, website and other designs?

Our goal with Endless Canvas was to put a spotlight on Oakland and build it's reputation in the global Street Art and Graffiti Movement. We've been very successful and built a lot of bridges for local artists.

What does your work consist of?

Our photography focuses on contemporary movements in our local Street Art scene.

What are your current projects and upcoming events?

We're releasing our new book Special Delivery which documents a massive mural exhibition in Portland that we organized in 2011, in which over 25 Bay Area artists took over a 5,000 square foot warehouse and painted every inch of it. Police called it the largest graffiti event to ever happen in Portland. Currently, we're working on Endless Canvas issue #6 and #7, which are being upgraded from staples to perfect bound. We're sitting on enough content to release a zine about Mexico City. We are participating at the Printmakers Picnic event held in Oakland during August. We're looking for a warehouse to throw Special Delivery Oakland 2012. Then Broke is in the middle of illustrating issue 4 of the More Beer Less Work Comic Book and we're compiling a zine of original illustrations by Ras Terms.

What is your favorite thing about the SF Zine Fest?

The best thing about Zine Fest by far is meeting all the other radical folks out there publishing their own work. We've made a lot of quality long term friends through this event.

Check out Endless Canvas' daily photography and zine catalog at: EndlessCanvas.comand keep in touch through their social networks...