Meet the SFZF Team

A project is only as good as the team behind it. We wanted to share a little bit about ourselves so you can see the folks making the San Francisco Zine Fest a reality. Check out our stories and give us a shout out, we're all ears.

Tom Biby is the Executive Coordinator for the SF Zine Fest and is also lead table/chair stacker. He has been part of the fest as an exhibitor, volunteer, or both since 2007. Tom makes comics and books as part of the Two Fine Chaps from his sumptuous art studio in Brisbane California.

Liz Mayorga was raised by wolves, who tried to make her tough. They taught her to howl and fight, but she just wanted read stories and draw. When she stumbled upon Zine Fest, she met another pack – a pack of zinesters, who said she had been howling all along. Liz is a writer/illustrator, and serves as the SF Zine Fest Volunteer Coordinator. She studied at UC Berkeley, and is getting her MFA in Writing at CCA.

Jennie Hinchcliff loves to send mail, all the time. She is co-author of the book Good Mail Day and an active member of the mail art community since 1996. In addition to organizing mail art shows and creating the zine Red Letter Day, Jennie is the founder of San Francisco’s Correspondence Co-op. You can follow her postal adventures at

Sean Logic is a writer, blogger, and founder of Ashcan Magazine, a web/print publication focused on underground art and culture in the San Francisco Bay Area. His writing has been featured in such publications as Razorcake, Thrasher Magazine, and The Contra Costa Times. He serves as the Marketing Coordinator for the SF Zine Fest and spends way too much time online.

Rick Kitagawa is a SF-based painter/t-shirt printer/storyteller/event planner and 50% of Monkey + Seal. He has helped to organize the SF Zine Fest for the past five years, including teaching the "Intro to Bookbinding" workshop and Screen Printing workshops. He loves monsters, demons, and all things creepy and can usually be found painting at Big Umbrella Studios or trying to find cheap vegan food around the city. He also likes puzzles, board games, and beer. For more, visit

Ric Carrasquillo is a cartoonist, illustrator and animator living and working in San Francisco since 1998. He is the creator of [SIC] a web cartoon that celebrates his passion for mid-century design and modern architecture through an absurdist’s perspective. He began producing long form comics this year at, and also produces work as part of the FiveTrueFans comics collective, an enigmatic and exclusive group of online cartoonists. Contemplate more of his work online at

Cindy Maram serves as Owner, Executive Editor and Art Director of Dig In Magazine, an online and print publication dedicated to the furthering of independent artists and has a strong focus on art, film, music and fashion. Cindy draws inspiration from her environment’s bubbling creativity. Her first time participating in the SF Zine Fest was with Mix It Up Magazine in 2009; she then returned in 2011 exhibiting on her own with Dig In. This is her second year serving on the organizing committee for the SF Zine Fest.

Lauren Davis is a blogger, editor, and comic book junkie living in Berkeley. She's the weekend editor for the science fiction blog io9 and a regular contributor to ComicsAlliance, where she can usually be found gushing over webcomics and envying the talents of extraordinary fan artists. Last year, she edited and published her first comics anthology, The Comic Book Guide to the Mission.