2019 Guest of Honor


Lawrence Lindell

Lawrence is a cartoonist, musician and educator from California. He started making comics in 2009 while getting his BFA in Animation. His work focuses on mental health, Blackness, Queerness and healing. In his own words, Lawrence says he makes comics for Black Women, Black People, People of Color, Folx with Mental Health Issues and Queer Folx. He has published "From Black Boy With Love," "Couldn't Afford Therapy So I Made This," "The Section," "The Garden," "Both" and a whole lot of mini comics.

He started The BAYlies, a Bay Area cartoonist collective highlighting Cartoonists of Color and Queer Cartoonists based in the Bay Area. He is set to graduate with his MFA in Comics from CCA in 2020, and is working on "The Section" comic, volume 2 of “Both” and a few other comic projects that can't be named. He tours year round, so you will probably see him at a zine fest or at an indie comic convention near you. 

Lawrence will be with us for SFZF2019 on Sunday, September 1, to talk, draw, and do his thing. We can't wait!

Instagram: @lawrencelindellstudios
Twitter: @lindellstudios

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Special Powers

Typically, our guest of honor gets to design the festival poster and t-shirt, but this year we gave our Lawrence special powers to make the festival more welcoming, inclusive, diverse and a space for newcomers to SFZF.

Along with designing the festival poster, Lawrence designed the festival tote, sticker, and chose three readers for our annual reading at San Francisco Public Library! We're excited to hear these voices.

Eunsoo Namkung Jeong
Ben Passmore
Soleil Summer

Thinking Captions Zine Reading!
SFPL, Latino/Hispanic Rooms A & B
Thursday, August 29
6-7:30 pm

This event is FREE!


Lawrence used his powers to select three people to table at the fest. He chose:

Ben Passmore
Valerie Perez Ordoñez
Amol Ray

So, remember to check out their tables too when you’re at the fest!