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COMPLETE YOUR REGISTRATION BY AUGUST 1 or you lose your spot! No joke! ^^^


Why wasn't my application accepted / why was my application waitlisted / how do you make your decisions?

For obvious reasons, we cannot comment on individual applications, period. What we can tell you is that we got WAY more applications than we had room for this year; whereas last year we were able to accommodate almost everyone who applied, this year we're having to say no to over 100 artists and collectives. That's pretty much a full festival lineup unto itself! And it sucks to write those emails! But it's also, as far as problems go, a great one to have; it sure feels like the Bay Area zine scene has entered a new renaissance in the last few years, and the emergence of new fests and opportunities throughout the year is a sure sign of that.

As for our decision-making process itself, two things to know: one, multiple members of our organizing team reviewed every single application (so no one person' taste could dominate), and two, we gave a very slight preference to anyone going for their first-ever table at a fest -- not only because we all remember how legitimizing it felt to sit behind a table for that first time, but also because this is the best way we've found to guarantee a diverse exhibitor lineup AND a diverse audience of fans.

I'm on the waitlist -- how soon until I know if there's a space for me? 

We'll let you know ASAP as soon as something opens up, which could be anytime between right now and September 1. That said, we usually are able to move a bunch of folks off the waiting list and onto the exhibitor list in the first week or so, as the dust settles. Keep the faith!

I was accepted, or I'm on the waitlist, but it turns out I'm not going to be able to make it! Can I withdraw my application so someone else can get my slot?

Hey, it happens! You sure can, and thank you for letting us know -- the waitlist folks appreciate it! Email us at sfzinefest@gmail.com and we'll help you out.

I requested a full table on my application, but was assigned a half table. What hath man wrought in his arrogance?

Like we said on the application, we're only able to give full tables to named collectives and distros (and not every collective or distro got one!) -- the default assignment is a half-table. This year we're prioritizing making room for new folks, because from what y'all have told us, the 2016 zine community needs support for its new folks so that they can become the new old-timers. That said, if you have any special placement requests (like a neighbor or a power outlet), there's a space for that in the registration form! Let us know!

The registration page says I can pre-order a t-shirt designed by SFZF2016 featured artist MariNaomi. That sounds amazing! What does it look like?

It looks something like this:

Oh my gosh!


Can I pre-order a shirt if I wasn't accepted to the fest (or I'm on the waitlist)? 

Nope! But bring your money to the fest itself and we'll sell you one there. Right now this is just something special for the 2016 exhibitors!

How big is a table? I mean, at the fest, not just in general.

We're confirming this now, but a full table should be 72" x 24".

When is load-in on the day of the fest?

We're also confirming this now, but it should be 10am; doors open to the public at 11am.

What happens if I don't complete my registration by August 1, like it says I should do in big threatening letters at the top of the page?

You give someone on the waitlist a wonderful opportunity. (i.e. you give up your spot to them. Register by August 1. Register by August 1. Register by August 1.)

How do you pronounce zine?

We're confirming this now but we think it's 'zine'

I have other questions! 

Email us! sfzinefest@gmail.com