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Venue and Event Info

17th Annual San Francisco Zine Fest
Sunday, September 2
11am to 5pm

County Fair Building (in Golden Gate Park)
1199 9th Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94122


FREE Wheelchair Accessible Shuttles
We are using Chariot this year to provide two free wheelchair accessible shuttles from 16th St. BART to County Fair Building. The shuttles will operate from 10am to 6pm. They are NOT on a fixed schedule, since traffic is unpredictable.

*Please Note*
The shuttles holds up to 14 people at a time

The shuttle is NOT seated by reservation — it's first-come first-serve, with special consideration for people with mobility needs

The shuttle will stop at 16th Street Mission BART and at the front door of the County Fair Building, with no stops between.

You can find the shuttle by looking for the SFZF sign on the shuttle or for the SFZF volunteer stationed by the shuttle stops. The shuttle stop volunteers should also know an approximate ETA for the shuttle.

Public Transportation

Check if you're commuting from East Bay. Free buses will replace trains between 19th St and West Oakland stations all day Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

County Fair Building's address is 1199 9th Ave., San Francisco, CA 94122.

You can take the MUNI, most likely the N, within San Francisco to get to County Fair Building or if you're traveling from anywhere in East Bay, you'll need to take BART first and then find a connecting MUNI, the N, to the venue. Make sure you have exact change for MUNI.

There is no direct parking lot for the SF County Fair Building. Street parking is available, but like many areas in San Francisco it is limited. Your best bet for street parking is the neighboring blocks near the venue. The good news is that it’s Sunday, so once you find a space, you can likely leave your car there all day. Consider taking the free shuttle we've arranged from 16th Street BART!

Bike Racks
There are bike racks at the SF County Fair Building for bike parking, but they often fill up fast. However, numerous bike parking stations exist on Lincoln Way and Irving Street, just across from the SF County Fair Building.

Food Areas
Koolfi Creamery & Cakes Made By M.E. will have stations setup in the Courtyard. Koolfi Creamery will be selling ice cream, and Cakes Made By M.E. will sell coffee and snacks.

A limited number of FREE snacks and drinks will be available for exhibitors and volunteers at the Power Donut in Room B.

If you'd like more food, cross Lincoln Way and head down on 9th Ave for lots of restaurants.

There is NO wifi in the County Fair Building.

Power Outlets
Power outlets are sparse, so if you plan on using electricity at your table, bring a power strip. If you aren’t against a wall, please don’t run a power cord to your table.

SFZF strives to be a low-scent space. Please help us out by refraining from wearing strong perfumes etc. That said, we cannot account for every potential SFZF attendee.

There are bathroom in Room A and Room B.

There's no ATM at the venue, but the closest one is right across Lincoln Way at Park Gyros.

Bring enough change for your customers. SFZF organizers will not have change available for exhibitors. Nearby banks include CitiBank, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo, but remember that SFZF is on a Sunday.

Filming & Photography
Panels will be recorded. Don't fret if you cannot attend one of the panels; they will be recorded and distributed to enjoy at a later date. All SFZF panels will include ASL interpretation.

Preview Stage & Library
Donate a zine to help attendees find your work. If you donate one of your zines to the SFZF library, we'll feature it in a special "Preview Stage" area on the stage in Room A, with a tag that directs attendees to find and purchase a copy at your table. Information will be on your table when you set up.

No smoking or vaping. WE WILL BE HEAVILY FINED IF YOU DO! The County Fair Building and Golden Gate Park do not allow smoking of any type on premises. If you must smoke, please cross over to the neighboring blocks outside of the Golden Gate Park.

No alcohol. The County Fair Building does not allow open containers on premises. Period. You can wait until 5:30pm.

To control noise levels inside the venue, no instruments, amplified music or loud speakers are permitted other than those used by Zine Fest organizers.